Jeans Fridays: Support Our School Fundraiser!

Jeans Fridays: Support Our School Fundraiser!

Dress Casual for a Cause

We have some exciting news for our students at Sunflowers Academy and Arcadia Academy! Starting September 1st, every Friday will be a “Blue Jeans Day”. Students are allowed to wear blue jeans along with their P.E. or Field Day shirts for a small contribution of $1.00. This initiative is a part of our school fundraising efforts.

Supporting Our School

The funds raised from the Blue Jeans Fridays will go towards various school initiatives and improvements. It’s a great way for students to contribute to their school community while enjoying a more relaxed dress code for the day.

How It Works

Teachers will collect the $1.00 contributions during attendance on Fridays. So, students, remember to bring your dollar and wear your jeans and P.E. or Field Day shirts!

Thank You for Your Support!

We are always amazed by the support and generosity of our school community. Thank you for participating and making a difference in our school!

Remember, the first Blue Jeans Friday will be on September 1st. Let’s make it a great success!

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