Curriculum at Sunflowers Academy

Building Bright Futures through Our Dynamic Curriculum

At Sunflowers Academy, we believe that learning should be engaging, stimulating, and meaningful. We strive to create a challenging and vibrant curriculum that stimulates our students' curiosity and fuels their desire to learn.

Rigorous Standards for A Well-Rounded Education

We adopt a rigorous curriculum that meets and exceeds state educational standards. Our curriculum covers key academic subjects such as Math, Science, English Language Arts, and Social Studies. We also provide a balanced education with courses in the Arts, Physical Education, and Technology

Encouraging Critical Thinking and Creativity

Our curriculum encourages our students to develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills. It provides opportunities for creative thinking and innovation. We want our students not just to learn, but to think, analyze, and understand.

Preparing Students for a Global Society

In today's interconnected world, it's important that our students understand different cultures and perspectives. Our curriculum includes a focus on global awareness and understanding. Please note that our curriculum varies by grade level. For detailed information about our curriculum, please see below or contact our school office at (305) 631-1284.

More Detailed Curriculum Information

Our core curriculum is standards-based, meeting the Florida State Standards, where students are challenged to learn content and apply critical thinking skills across the curriculum. The core curriculum includes Mathematics, Reading, English Language Arts, Science, Social Studies and Physical Education. We ensure that every student has access to a rigorous academic experience in an environment that is nurturing and challenging, as well as differentiated to their individual needs.

In addition to the core curriculum, the curriculum focuses on developing advanced literacy skills through Accelerated Reading (AR) guided materials and the incorporation of novels into the curriculum. This allows the application of learned skills as well as an expansion of their worldviews and creative thinking. The curriculum includes hands-on projects and laboratories, such as STEAM projects (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) and a Moral and Civics Education curriculum incorporated in the Social Studies class that teaches students important universal values on being respectful and responsible members of society.

Middle School students are offered guidance through high school preparation seminars, career-oriented projects, educational field trips, and the opportunity to take advanced courses that will give them a head start in high school and beyond.

The combination of the standardized curriculum with dynamic experiences creates a learning environment that prepares our students for a future where they may eventually pursue higher education, have interesting careers, and leave with the tools they need to navigate as creative and critical thinkers who can apply their knowledge in different real-world situations.

To carry out the School’s curriculum, Sunflowers (as well as our sister school Arcadia Academy) provides students with standards-based textbooks and workbooks, access to digital textbooks and resources, access to learning-reinforcement programs (i.e. IXL) and an array of technology embedded in the classroom, as well as tablets for educational use.

We also acknowledge that every child is an individual – as a person and as a student – therefore our faculty and administration work together to ensure that those individual needs are met through differentiated instruction, additional tutoring, enrichment activities, and behavioral support when the need is identified.

The elements of our curriculum – standards-based, accessibility, technological resources, academic/behavioral support, and extracurricular events – work to support the overall academic and social development of our students. It is our goal to have each student not only reach their full potential but feel motivated to come to school every day.

With the support of a caring, experienced, and credentialed faculty and administrative body, we look forward every year to watching our students grow into their greatest potential.