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Grades Portal

Keep track of your child’s academic performance through our parent portal.

Healthy and Nutritious Food Menus

At Sunflowers Academy, we value the role of balanced nutrition in supporting students’ academic performance and overall well-being.

Uniform Guidelines

Sunflowers Academy emphasizes the role of uniforms in creating a conducive learning environment. Students must adhere to grade-specific uniform requirements, which includes wearing clean, well-fitted uniforms, solid black shoes, and white socks. Extravagant haircuts, unnatural hair colors, and facial hair are not permitted. Girls’ skirts or jumpers must not be more than an inch above the knees. Non-compliance results in demerits. If adherence is not possible due to religious reasons, please notify the administration in writing.

For detailed uniform requirements, pictures, and links to order, please visit our Uniforms page.

Essential Supply Lists

At Sunflowers Academy, we ensure our students have all the necessary tools for a productive and engaging school year. Our student supply list is carefully curated for each grade level to ensure students have what they need for their classes. We appreciate your cooperation in preparing your child for the school year ahead.


More detailed information for our preschoolers can be found on our Sunflowers Preschools website.


Equip your kindergartener with essential learning materials such as crayons, glue sticks, markers, notebooks, and more. Remember to include hygiene products like baby wipes and antibacterial gel.

1st Grade

Alongside the necessary writing and coloring tools, first graders will need items like a soft pencil case, manuscript primary notebook, and play money kit.

2nd Grade

Our second graders need items including crayons, notebooks, a pencil pouch, and a student dictionary among other items.

3rd Grade

As the complexity of projects increases in third grade, students will need items like colored pencils, multi-colored highlighters, and duo tang folders.

4th Grade

In fourth grade, students will continue to need basic supplies, including crayons, notebooks, and pencils. Additionally, they’ll require a student dictionary and index cards.

5th Grade

In fifth grade, students will need to add a few more advanced items to their school supplies, including a protractor, plastic compass, and assorted color tempera paints. A detailed list of what your fifth grader will need for a successful year can be found here.

6th, 7th, & 8th Grade

For our middle school students transitioning into more advanced coursework, we’ve put together a comprehensive list of supplies that will support their academic success and foster organizational skills.

Middle schoolers will need essentials like blue or black ink pens, #2 or mechanical pencils, as well as colored pencils, crayons, and markers for creative assignments. Organization is key at this stage, so two hardback binders, dividers, and duo tang folders are recommended. Special items include a 4GB or more USB for digital work, a clipboard for portable note-taking, and a transparent, wheel-less book bag. Hygiene contributions to the classroom like a large roll of paper towels, a box of Kleenex, and a bottle of anti-bacterial gel are also part of the list. The detailed list for each grade can be found here.

Essential Reading List

At Sunflowers Academy, we understand the importance of continuous learning and maintaining reading habits even when school is out for the summer. Summer reading helps prevent the “summer slide” and ensures that children continue to develop their reading and comprehension skills. It also provides an excellent opportunity for students to explore new topics, discover new interests, and indulge in the joy of reading.

We have curated a list of age-appropriate books that are not only educational but also entertaining for your child. We encourage parents to take some time to read with their children, fostering a lifelong love of reading.

Sunflowers Academy After School Program

Serving Children K thru 8th

Dear Parents,

Welcome to Sunflowers Academy After School Program. Sunflowers Academy after school program provides quality after school care for children in Kindergarten through 8th grade. We offer a variety of extracurricular activities, homework assistance, literacy classes, fitness, and social skill building. Our goal is to provide children with a safe, caring environment that is influential to both learning and developing, as well as provide recreational activities that are fun, stimulating and challenging. Our program allows children the opportunity to grow within an environment that promotes physical, mental and emotional development.

Hours of Operation

Following are the shool time for Sunflower Academy.

School Calendar

Keep track of school activities, holidays, and key dates with our Sunflowers Academy calendar in a print-friendly document.


Registrations for our After School Program are accepted throughout the school year. For additional details on our fee structure and the registration process, please read below or reach out to our school office at (305) 631-1284.

Fee Structure


Our program thrives on variety, offering a mix of group and individual activities. From special events and arts & crafts to outdoor sports and acting classes, there’s something for every interest. Explore some of our featured activities below:

Curious about what a day in our After School Program looks like? Visit our After School Care Gallery for a glimpse into our interactive and engaging activities.